Friday, August 19, 2016


30 Minutes listening to Nicky Jam, Karol G and Ana Mena
30 Minutes watching reviews of toys

Karol G likes to sing songs that include a lot of drama. Nicky Jam likes to dance when he sings. He likes to express himself with the way his body moves. Ana Mena is like a Spanish Meghan Trainor. She has the same beat in her music and I really enjoy listening to it. I read about Ana Mena, she is 18 and she is also an actress. She loves to sing and her songs mean something to her.

They first reviewed some 4D toys. She said it was a playdoh type toy that you got to build, it didn't look like a toy kids would enjoy. The next video I watched was a 25 minute long video of a kid and his dad playing a video game and reviewing it. It was called the Curse of Brotherhood. The dad kept asking the kid if he liked it and he kept saying yes. It was a kid's game where you get to lead the character all around the map. There were "bad guys" that you had to kill. You also got to build other things to help the character get around.

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